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Flight and Air Traffic Operations Research, Development, Testing, Evaluation, Training

and Systems Integration for the Aerospace Industry


Credit: NASA

End to End Simulation

FRA’s core competencies in aircraft system integration stem from early involvement in NASA’s aerospace modeling and simulation activities. FRA has contributed to the development and operation of NASA’s Virtual Airspace Simulation Technology (VAST). FRA has also been instrumental in UAS and UAM research utilizing Live-Virtual-Constructive (LVC) distributed environments. 

FRA has the knowledge and experience required to design and develop new simulators and/or simulation capabilities and seamlessly integrate and verify system upgrades. 


Our engineers integrate advanced technology capabilities into simulation systems, including the development of advanced engineering techniques to improve simulation fidelity and validity.


Their expertise in end-to-end simulation design and implementation includes the ability to design, run, and test networks, software and hardware infrastructure, software system architecture, and system interoperability. 


Our systems engineers impact the broader aviation ecosystem through designing air traffic management systems for novel concepts and the next generation of commercial air transport, looking towards urban air mobility, air taxis, and integrated fleet management solutions.

Airport & Airspace Solutions

FRA  Airspace Solutions are technologically advanced.

Our services suite has grown to include:

  • Airspace Solutions             

    • Design & Modeling

    • Planning, Optimization, Compliance

    • State of the art FAA and Contractor Proprietary Tools 

  • Software systems 

    • Engineering, research & development and testing

    • Evaluation of Live, Virtual, Constructive and Distributed Simulation engineering

  • Hardware systems

    • Air Traffic Management simulators located at NASA Ames Research Center Simlabs and Future Flight Central (FFC) 

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Organised Files

FAA Documentation

Flight Research Aerospace provides support to the Federal Aviation Administration in redesigning airspace and procedures in defined Metroplex environments. FRA participates in and supports the development of national airspace and procedure redesign efforts, and supports the actual design of airspace and procedures. FRA supports the development of required reports to support the METROPLEX program, including Next Generation Air Transportation system (NextGen), FAA Headquarters, Office of Management and Budget (OMB), and Congressional reporting.

Subject Matter Expertise

With over 1,000 aviation professionals in our constantly renewing database, we are continuously ensuring our experts are current and qualified, with recent and relevant experience.  Our associates are comprehensively screened to ensure they are whom they say they are, and that they are truly experts.  Most of our associates have cut their teeth on research projects at NASA Ames Research Center in the Aviation Systems Division.  They have been exposed to, and part of, leading-edge research and development of new aerospace capabilities, ranging from NextGen air traffic management, to unmanned systems, to new concepts of operations, such as single-pilot operations, and remote co-pilots.

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Credit: NASA

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